Business Events

Business Catering

Organizations look to us to create the menus and the ambiance that enhance their events, while meeting their time, space and logistical requirements. Here are just a few examples:

  • More than 300 associates with a Fortune 500 company were huddled in an eight day-long strategy session. Every day, we treated the group to hot comfort-fare buffets…and we accomplished the task in a mere 45 minutes!
  • 500 guests were ushered into a top real estate agency’s sparkling new office complex, welcomed with champagne and the music of a Baroque quartet. White-gloved servers then offered the guests trays of hand-crafted canapés, hot hors d’oeuvres and petit-fours.
  • An East Coast supplier had us deliver gourmet sandwiches to 150 associates at the local sales headquarters. Despite a 2,000-mile distance, two phone calls got the job done – and at a modest price!