A Valentines themed reception
Friday February 14th, 2014
160 guests

A couple of passed hors d’oeuvres:

  • His:  Shaved beef Carpaccio on toasted brochetta, with caper and horseradish crème
  • Hers: cocktail cherry tomatoes filled with a lemon scented crab and couscous compote

Love Bites:

  • A display of chilled nibbles, to include:
  • Saffron marinated mushrooms
  • Oven roasted eggplant fingers
  • Grilled jalapeno sausage wheels
  • Sesame glazed sweet potato
  • Pepita crusted Muenster cheese cubes
  • Balsamic roasted carrots
  • Cheese tortellini tossed with red pepper pesto
  • Country olive medley
  • Parmesan dusted baby corn
  • Green peppercorn pate with buttery crostini


  • Curry roasted peanuts

Hot Spots:

  • Steamed chicken and minced vegetable dumplings with a tangy orange sauce
  • Hot hearts of artichoke dip-baked in parmesan crust with toasted veggie chips


  • Pizza Party…basil painted Nan bread is topped with grilled chicken, wilted spinach, fresh tomato, melted mozzarella, chopped bacon and crumbled bleu… served in cocktail sized wedges from marble tiles


  • Double chocolate waffles are baked to order, then topped with wild berry mousse and crushed hazelnuts

This proposal includes:

-5 staff                                                       -bartending service

-real champagne flutes and wine glasses        -acrylic ware for food and other

-sparkling peach and raspberry cooler          beverages

-black and white linens for guests tables

-Generous amounts of food-for up to 160 guests